Why Pioneer Engineering Is St. Paul’s Most Reliable Land Surveying Company

Land surveyors play a crucial role in property development. Whether you’re looking to develop an empty plot of land or add onto an existing development, you’ll need a knowledgeable land surveyor to weigh in on the matter. Property owners on the hunt for a reliable surveying company in St. Paul, MN are urged to get in touch with Pioneer Engineering, P.A. As you’ll find, there are many ways Pioneer distinguishes itself from the competition.  

Large Staff of Highly-Trained Professionals
As the most-trusted land surveyor in St. Paul, Pioneer Engineering takes pride in hiring the absolute best of the best. We are proud to boast a highly-trained team of land surveyors, architects, engineers, and certified planners. With so many experts at the ready, you can bet that any job you need doing will be carried out in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. 

Valuable Connections
Pioneer Engineering maintains strong working relationships with various developers and state regulatory agencies, enabling us to act as an effective go-between for our clients and the aforementioned entities. This ensures that permit approvals and document reviews aren’t held up in red tape, making these processes considerably less cumbersome.

Extensive Repertoire
Because of our multitalented staff, Pioneer has quite the repertoire. The company offers an incredible abundance of civil engineering, land planning, land surveying, landscape architecture, and graphic visualization services. Whereas many land surveying companies have one specific field of specialization, Pioneer Engineering boasts five. 

St. Paul area businesses and homeowners in the market for a top-tier land surveyor needn’t look any further than Pioneer Engineering. No matter what type of project you have planned, Pioneer can help make it a reality. With its amazing staff, extensive expertise, and agency connections, Pioneer Engineering is widely considered St. Paul’s foremost authority on land surveying.

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Types of Landscape Architecture Work

Types of Landscape Architecture Work

If you have a large area that needs to be developed, residential or commercial, a landscape architect will be needed to assist with that development. He or she will handle most aspects of the job and make sure the property is designed properly and legally. Before you hire someone to handle your landscape architecture in Minnesota, here are some facts you need to know about their work.

General Duties
Here are some of the general duties performed by landscape architects:

  • Landscape Design: A landscape architect will develop the brief, plan for the site and the measurement. He or she may make drawings of the project and its construction and planting.
  • Supervise Contracts and Documents: He or she will help clients work with landscape designers as the agent of the clients or the project manager.
  • Investigate Effects of the Project: This will include research on how the land use may change over time and the damage caused by weather and the environment.
  • Write Policies: He or she may help with writing policies that will be used by planning authorities.

Types of Projects
A landscape architect may work on these types of projects:

  • Manage Stormwater: including wetlands or green roofs
  • Educational Use: design land that is used for educational purposes
  • Sustainable Use: land use that needs to be developed in a sustainable way
  • Natural Settings: including parks, gardens and preserves
  • Residential: planning and design for estates and homes
  • City Planning: including anything from parking lots to a town square
  • Recreation: covers places to play sports, golf or children playgrounds
  • Commercial Sites: includes developing land for commercial and industrial use
  • Eco-friendly Design: reduces the negative impacts of the environment
  • Infrastructure like roads and bridges
  • Housing Facilities
  • Conservation of Historical Sites
  • Tourist Sites
  • Mitigation for Coastal Areas
  • Power Plants
  • Reservoirs and Dams
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3 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Transform Your Business’s Landscaping

Most business owners and managers have their hands full running and operating a company on a day to day basis. Their thoughts are focused on how to get more customers or expand their company, not the grass and the trees outside — especially if they run an office or warehouse instead of a store and few customers see the place. However, there are a number of reasons why it makes sense for every business with a piece of land to hire professional landscapers.

A Great First Impression
The best landscape design in the Twin Cities is responsible for some of the most memorable businesses and homes in the area. You may not think landscaping is important because you don’t have a revolving door of customers like shops do, but people will drive by your business. Investors will stop by, as will other people from the industry and even potential customers. Good landscaping gives off a positive first impression and helps make your company memorable.

Relaxation for Your Employees
A well-rested staff works harder and more effectively. Having something lovely to look at out of their windows or to stroll through during their breaks on warmer days will give your employees a boost in energy and make them happier to be at work each day.

Stunning Photos for Your Business
Even businesses almost never visited by the public can use photos of their location on their website and in company brochures and other media to promote their business. When you have something stunning on your property to photograph, like an array of flora, your promotional materials will prove more effective.

Contact Pioneer Engineering for a landscape architecture or land planning quote today. Whether you’re building a new location or you want to fix up your company’s current landscaping, we can transform your business’ yard into something amazing beyond your wildest dreams. We’ve worked with countless Minnesota residents and business owners to make their landscaping truly come to life.

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Why Is Pioneer Engineering the Best Twin Cities Land Planning Company?

Land planning companies provide an array of valuable services to construction firms, architects, and corporate developers. Since land planning represents the all-important first step in the construction process, it’s important that you choose the right people for the job. Given the Twin Cities area’s abundance of development opportunities, it’s no wonder local land planners are in such high demand. When shopping around for the best land planners the area has to offer, consider all the advantages of going with Pioneer Engineering.

Enviable Expertise
When it comes to engineering and land planning, few companies can hold a candle to Pioneer. The company’s knowledgeable team is composed of first-rate civil engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects, and other seasoned professionals. In addition to being highly educated in their respective fields, all of Pioneer’s crewmembers have extensive experience working with different types of land, developers, and technologies.

Commitment to Excellence
Pioneer Engineering consistently goes the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. For starters, they provide clients with every conceivable piece of pertinent information on the property they wish to develop. Taking all this info and the client’s individual preferences into account, they determine the property’s overall feasibility and create conceptual plans.

Highly Flexible
Pioneer Engineering has the staff, resources, and expertise to handle any job. Not only does the company service big-name clients and established corporations, it regularly helps average citizens with issues pertaining to new home construction, property lines, and local zoning laws.

Skilled land planners are essential to the success of any development venture. As such, it pays to do your homework when selecting the right people for the job. Substandard land planners can ultimately hinder construction, and their slapdash work stands to cause major problems down the line. Twin Cities-based developers in the market for top-notch land planners needn’t look any further than Pioneer Engineering.

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The Importance of Construction Management

If you want residential and commercial site development to be completed on time without going over your company’s budget, it is important for you to hire a construction manager that will make sure this happens for you. Construction managers are around to figure out the planning and management of a project to see through that it will be completed on time, within your budget, while yielding the excellent results you expect for your project.

Construction managers take care of the planning of your project. They will lay out a plan for the entire project, including what jobs need to be done, the materials that are required for the job, and a timeline of when each job will take place and when the project as a whole will be completed. While doing this, construction managers keep track of costs and make suitable adjustments for any issues or unexpected complications that may arise in a construction project.

With all the work that is involved in carrying out residential and commercial projects, lengthy contracts are required to make it clear what exactly is expected to be done with the project. Construction managers make sure the provisions of the contracts are being completed so everyone involved is satisfied. They also make sure your project is done with the highest quality work. With multiple contractors and subcontractors on a job, it’s important to have a manager in place to make sure everyone is doing their job correctly without cutting corners.

Another important job of construction managers is safety management. There are plenty of safety risks and hazards involved with completing construction jobs. Putting a construction manager in place at your site will make sure everyone working is aware of proper safety measures and protect against any injury.

If you need help with completing a residential or commercial site development in Minnesota, Pioneer Engineering, P.A. offers construction management in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Contact PioneerEng.com for construction management as well as a number of other project services for your project today.

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Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed – Pt. 2

Access to Roads and Utilities
A property survey will tell you about any easements and rights-of-way issues. If you are buying property, you need to make sure you have an easement to connect your driveway to the road. A survey will tell you if a neighbor has the right to walk across your property to reach the street. Also, a property would be more valuable if there are existing easements for utilities.

Water, Electric, Gas, Telephone Poles, Etc.
Poles and above-ground wires may be obvious, but property surveying will report the existence of underground pipes, or cables. A utility company may have the right to use a segment of your property for upkeep of these utilities, and therefore may have say in how tall you can let your trees grow, etc. You’ll want to be aware of these underground utilities so excavation/construction on your property doesn’t come as a surprise.

Subdividing Your Property
A survey is needed if you are subdividing a property. This will ensure your plots will qualify for a building permit since there are usually a minimum number of square feet required.

Getting a Mortgage or Refinancing an Existing One
Most mortgage companies require a survey before they will grant a mortgage. This ensures the accuracy of the documents and protects their investment.

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Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed – Pt. 1

Sometimes when people buy property, they trust the agent to tell them where the boundaries lay or they use the fence line. For certain situations, you may need to find a land surveyor in Minnesota to find out the exact location of your property boundaries. Here are some of the reasons to have your property surveyed.

Boundary Lines
Knowing the boundaries of a piece of land is important for many reasons, and is one of the most common reasons a landowner may seek the assistance of a land surveyor. If the property is being sold, it is important for the buyer to know the exact boundaries of the land. As ownership of land changes over time, sometimes informal agreements are misconstrued and a survey will clear up any confusion or disputes.

Making Improvements
When it is time to build a fence or additional buildings, a survey is crucial. Besides defining the boundaries, a survey will inform you of any zoning requirements such as height, bulk, dimension, and parking. For example, if you are considering adding a garage to your house, you may be required to allow a certain amount of room between the garage and the boundary of your property.

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Finding Dependable Land Surveying Services

Whether you are a building a new home or are interested in moving your business into a brand new building, you’re going to need land surveying services. The dedicated team at Pioneer Engineering features professional land surveyors who can provide you with a wide array of services using Robotic Total Station and Global Positioning Systems. When topographic survey services are necessary, you can rest assured that we will be there for you.

When you hire us for topographic survey services, you can feel confident that we will work hard to make sure that every nook and cranny of your land is properly mapped. During our survey, we will map existing features of your land, including trees, sidewalks, and existing buildings, as well as the contours of the ground as it is. This information is necessary for the construction of new homes, businesses, roadways, and more. With this information, the designers can understand the land they are working with and plan accordingly.

Read more about receiving land surveying in Minneapolis and contact our business today to request our assistance. We are prepared to work closely with civil engineering and land planning departments to make sure you have all the necessary information for your building projects.

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Landscaping Tips for Your Yard

Landscaping plays a key role in curb appeal and even in the overall value of a property. But working with small, tight spaces can be a real challenge without some proper planning and a few creative ideas. Here are some tips to landscaping small yards that will create gorgeous results.

Have a vision of what you want your landscape to look and feel like after the project has been completed. Whatever you’ve got drafted in your mind should be jotted down on paper. Look for some inspiration, whether it’s from the neighbor’s property or a few photos you’ve seen in home magazines. Make sure you’ve considered trees and shrubs, flowers, walkways, retaining walls, decks, and so on.

When planning out your landscape architecture in Minnesota, it’s important that you consider how it will feel. And one of the easiest ways to achieve this feeling is through the use of color. Ideally, you should pick out two or three colors as the base. Obviously, they should be colors that you adore. Consider how these colors you’ve chosen will work with your overall landscape design, and how they will look when you peer out your windows.

A great way to add depth to your landscaping is through the use of texture. Ideally, you should mix coarse and fine textures in your yard to achieve a level of balance. Adding texture can be done with the use of decks, pathways, and stonework. When adding texture to your yard, combine many different textures for visual interest. Mixing up textures is one of the easiest ways to gain interest in your overall landscape design. Balance fine-textured plants with more coarse ones, which will help generate harmony in your garden.

Sometimes it makes sense to hire a professional in the world of landscaping to help ensure your vision truly comes to life the way you want it to!

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What’s Involved with Landscape Architecture?

Services associated with landscape architecture can vary slightly between companies. However, almost all companies offer installation, design and maintenance of trees, plants and other outdoor features to enhance the look of your home or business’s surroundings. While seeking companies that offer landscape architecture in Minnesota, you should look for one that includes:

Landscape plans: After reviewing your property and learning the goals you have for your yard or garden, a landscape architect will generate a detailed landscape plan including proposed additions, including the varieties of plants and their arrangements and sizes.

Trail planning: In addition to foliage, the proper placement of trails or pavement will greatly enhance the beauty of your outdoor area.

Amenity and monument areas: These areas need to be properly accessible and lit to be enjoyed by visitors. You’ll also want them to include the right sculptures, furniture and other elements.

Maintenance: If you want your newly-designed landscape to remain healthy and beautiful, you should request a maintenance plan. This will keep visitors coming and ensure value when paying for your services.

The first step to acquiring services for landscape architecture in Minnesota is to determine which services you’re in need of. Pioneer Engineering’s landscape architects possess a strong work ethic and innovative approaches to problem solving, thus resulting in a beautiful outdoor area that meets your needs. We also work closely with you and the right departments to address your needs while complying with government regulations. For more information on our services, call us today at (651) 681-1914.

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